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FICAP Political Committee

FICAP’s Board of Directors made a bold move on behalf of our members. FICAP formed a Political Committee (PC) to help influence the political process. The FICAP-PC targets business minded candidates who can make a difference for our members, and financially support their campaigns. Through these efforts FICAP is building working relationships with our elected officials so we can share our ideas and concerns that have a significant impact on our individual businesses.


Whether it is an aggregate shortage because of a court injunction, a Supreme Court ruling that inhibits one's ability to collect your attorney’s fees in a construction lien case, the misconceptions portrayed by the Hometown Democracy Advocates in an effort to stop growth, or organized labor’s efforts to take away the individual’s right to a free and open election in the workplace, there is much for us to be concerned about.

With your participation in the FICAP PC we can continue to support candidates who will look out for our interests. Think of it as an INVESTMENT your company can make that can yield a good RETURN toward the success of your business.

Please make that investment in your company’s future by becoming a member of FICAP’s PC today.

PC Membership Application

FICAP PC Fund Members

Adell Jahna


  • A-1 Block
  • Ash Grove South, A CRH Company
  • Bell Concrete Products
  • CMC
  • Concrete on Call, Inc.
  • Daniel Mullins Trucking
  • E.R. Jahna Industries, Inc.
  • FRC Resources
  • Jahna Concrete Products
  • Maschmeyer Concrete
  • Nextran
  • Parliment Building Products
  • Quality Precast Company
  • Sika Corporation
  • Southwestern Suppliers, Inc.
  • Wade Mullins